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Graphic Design Major

School of Arts and Sciences

Humans of Concordia

Surprising, savvy, and inspiring, real students reveal their dream jobs and how they are applying what they're learning at Concordia University Irvine. Meet a few of our Graphic Design majors and minors and how they're pursuing design on their own terms.

Meet Students

Where Our Alumni Are Working

Concordia University Irvine prides itself in giving you abilities across the arts and equipping you your senior year to gain meaningful design experience through an internship as well as preparing a portfolio to showcase your talents. Many of our recent graduates are using their diverse and unique skills in jobs in Orange County, LA County, and around the United States.

  • Adenna Inc., Marketing Manager
  • 艾莉路德斯设计,平面设计师/所有者
  • Arrowmac, Creative Coordinator
  • Avid Ink, Graphic Designer
  • BioTrackTHC,客户端应用开发人员
  • Chemi Nutra, Business Development & Marketing Manager
  • Codeless Interactive创始合伙人/开发总监
  • Culver USA Inc,.平面设计和工作室艺术/时尚
  • Design Lines, Inc., Interior Designer
  • 迪克亚当斯汽车,网络和平面设计师
  • 迪士尼动画长片,动画电影制作,外观开发协调员-海洋奇缘
  • 吃睡玩,QA游戏测试员/关卡设计师
  • FoxTales, Graphic Designer
  • Getac inc., Graphic Designer
  • 全球基因,网站协调员和平面设计师
  • 好牧人路德教会和学前班,平面艺术家
  • Government Solutions, Inc., Associate
  • GuideSpark, Associate Designer
  • Harris Media LLC高级客户主管
  • 爱好冲浪店,副经理/首席视觉采购员
  • 荷兰艺术传播总监
  • 亨廷顿港爱乐协会坎特公司的负责人, Graphic and Website Designer
  • 亨廷顿港爱乐协会,平面设计师和市场经理
  • 景观传播,行政助理
  • Megan Miller Photography, owner
  • Mendocino College Marketing Committee, Part-Time Social Media Director and Graphics Assistant
  • 蒙台梭利中心学校,市场营销和平面设计
  • 耐克西部品牌营销,品牌营销专家,女性培训 & Young Athletes
  • Ocean Media, Digital Media Planner
  • 乐天派LA(耐克运动服代理),项目协调员
  • 梅花纸业,初级平面设计师
  • Roxy, Assistant Footwear Designer
  • Therese Carmel Interiors & Home, Interior Designer
  • 值得信赖的技术解决方案,帮助台经理/网页设计师
  • 视觉设计工作室,平面设计师
  • Zito披萨,平面设计师和营销经理
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